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While I am working it is hard to separate labor, emotions, and intentions.  And then there is chance.  This, like in life, can be the directional force and impetus for more conscious decisions. Some decisions seem imperative and while others are more spontaneous.

The constantly increasing perils of climate change demand artistic attention and appreciation of our world connections, and responsibilities. The difficulty and complexity of our predicaments invigorate my work and challenge my response.


I am making physical and emotional responses to the environment with my monotypes. My ongoing relationship with nature moves into planes of color, mark, and movement. They are built by the mutual relationship of concealing and revealing, plan and chance. As I investigate properties of nature with marks and inky flats of color, I also explore properties of paper with the pressure of the press. These layers are built upon until I have captured a momentary balance of chance with a fugitive experience of nature.


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